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AliExpress Too!

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   This is an exciting moment for ARF. We kept the initials, but we changed the name. We went from Amz Review Fetch to A Review Fetch.

Why? Because ARF has added the collection ofAliExpress reviews to our services. Best of all, we've held the line on prices!

Who needs AliExpress reviews?

Ecommerce retailers that rely on drop shippers from AliExpress. These retailers sell on their own ecommerce sites or blogs. AliExpress is a single marketplace that is translated into 16 languages. Not surprisingly, AliExpress reviews can be written in any of those 16 languages.

Reviews in 16 languages have benefits and a drawback. The drawback is that most shoppers cannot read every review, but the star rating is what really drives sales. The benefit is that the variety of languages are an image boost. They add to site credibility.

The languages: English, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Russian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hebrew, Polish


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Amazon Review Fetch - manage reviews
Manage and display your Amazon and AliExpress reviews.
As a retailer or dropshipper, monitoring reviews can help you optimize stocking levels and identify products to resell.
As a manufacturer, your best chance for a review modification is a quick response that fixes the issue.
ARF crawls Amazon and AliExpress product reviews to scrape and parse them for ease of display, sorting, filtering, and export.

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