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Welcome to A Review Fetch

Welcome to A Review Fetch!

   Why? Does the web really need another service for Amazon sellers? Yes! Yes, because the process of managing and using reviews should be frictionless. 

A manufacturers' best chance for a review modification is to respond fast and deal with the problem. Checking competitor's reviews can provide a competitive advantage. Amazon retailers can optimize stocking levels and identify products to resell. Positive reviews could be an indicator to increase inventory. Negative reviews could be an indicator to discontinue the product.

A Review Fetch's founder is an Amazon seller that could not find a good review management service. They did not have the tools to properly sort, aggregate, filter, select, and download reviews. The services are afterthoughts and expensive.

Amazon makes review management difficult. ARF makes it easy. How does ARF make it easy?

  • Upload your products, then click a button to start our dog bots. Just say "fetch"!
  • Sort and filter on any field.
  • Group by your SKU or other ID to group reviews for a product across Amazon Marketplaces.
  • Download selected reviews in a database format that works for you. CSV, XLSX, XML or PDF.
  • Easily use reviews on your own web or ecommerce site like Shopify, especially if you use an app that can import a dataset.

This blog will cover news and tips about Amazon, Amazon FBA, ecommerce, and new ARF features.

Happy selling!


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Amazon Review Fetch - manage reviews
Manage and display your Amazon and AliExpress reviews.
As a retailer or dropshipper, monitoring reviews can help you optimize stocking levels and identify products to resell.
As a manufacturer, your best chance for a review modification is a quick response that fixes the issue.
ARF crawls Amazon and AliExpress product reviews to scrape and parse them for ease of display, sorting, filtering, and export.

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