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Display Amazon Reviews Automatically

   A Review Fetch is excited to release this new exclusive feature. It has never been easier to display Amazon reviews on any web site.  Why display reviews? Because they increase sales!

ARF makes it easy for users to import Amazon ASINs, then a trained ARF retriever fetches the reviews for those ASINs. Easily display those reviews anywhere! In an ecommerce store, a blog, an Amazon affiliate site.

Sometimes the reviews will fit easily on a page, sometimes there is no space. Don't worry, ARF has your back! ARF provides two ways of displaying reviews. When there's no space, use a popup that only requires one line on the page. When there's ample space, embed the reviews. Here are examples of the two display methods, with default formatting. 

Example 1:
Reviews Displayed in a Popup

This is an example of a popup, also known as a modal or lightbox. Only a single line is required, so place it anywhere on a page without breaking your template.

This popup uses the default formatting.

Click "See Reviews" to see the popup.

The link can also be displayed as a button.

Example 2:
Reviews Displayed in a Page

This is an example of reviews displayed in a div. The size is easily adjusted with CSS.

A powerful sales tool that is powerfully easy to use. That's A Review Fetch popups!

Customizing is simple with CSS! Check out the thorough Usage Guide


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Amazon Review Fetch - manage reviews
Manage and display your Amazon and AliExpress reviews.
As a retailer or dropshipper, monitoring reviews can help you optimize stocking levels and identify products to resell.
As a manufacturer, your best chance for a review modification is a quick response that fixes the issue.
ARF crawls Amazon and AliExpress product reviews to scrape and parse them for ease of display, sorting, filtering, and export.

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