Widget Usage Guide

Place the widget in the HTML exactly where it should appear on the page. It's as simple as that!

Each group of reviews starts with: "Write a Review", average stars, average rating, number of reviews and pagination.
Each review contains: Review Title, ReviewerName, Rating, ReviewDate, ReviewText

There are several options. The most important is modal (popup) or inline.

The user can have complete CSS control over the formatting, but extra formatting is usually not required because the default formatting is the containing page's CSS.


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Amazon Review Fetch - manage reviews
Manage and display your Amazon and AliExpress reviews.
As a retailer or dropshipper, monitoring reviews can help you optimize stocking levels and identify products to resell.
As a manufacturer, your best chance for a review modification is a quick response that fixes the issue.
ARF crawls Amazon and AliExpress product reviews to scrape and parse them for ease of display, sorting, filtering, and export.

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